Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The last few weeks

I managed to escape the hospital after 5 days and return home on full time oxygen and home IVs. I LOVE being home! It's my favourite place in the world and I'm always happiest there with my family and animals around me <3 I won't lie, it was a struggle. Being on the O2 24/7 has it's challenges such as being almost like a dog on a lead lol; having to ask Alex to go and "turn me up" before I start walking, and getting out the house took forever with poor Al having to make about 4 trips to the car getting all my equipment, bags, dog, me etc in the car. But we managed it :) I didn't go upstairs once in the time I was home, which is something new and not welcome at all! We set up the sofa bed and made it into the biggest, most cotch nest with a million pillows and puffy duvet- it was so comfy.

Me and the most wonderful, most selfless man in the world <3

During my time at home I managed to get my charity hair cut done :D My mama treated me to the hairdressers appointment at Fresh Look in Stoneleigh, Epsom where Katie did an excellent job! I needed to have at least 17cm off and we managed to get 27cm off for The Little Princess Trust. Hopefully my hair will help make a little child happy <3

I was also out for my daddy's birthday, which was great.

I had my end of IV appointment yesterday and I asked if my parent's could come with me as I felt as though I needed them there this time. Al usually takes me and my parent's are usually at work, but my dad has finished work now and my mum was able to get a day off, thankfully. I wasn't having a good morning and by the time I got to hosp I was exhausted. I don't know what my lung function came out as but I know it wasn't good and to cut a long story short, I'm back in. Currently on MADU again as the CF unit is full, but hoping to move back there some point today. I'm on some different IVs including a new one I haven't had before. Let's hope a miracle happens and I bounce back to how I was 6 months ago and stay like that forever and ever!!!!!!

I have my family holiday to Suffolk in just over a week, so I'm hoping I will be well enough for that too :)

Until next time xo

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