Tuesday, 23 October 2012

IV update

Been just over a week since I started my home I.V meds. Spent most of this week asleep lol, sleeping about 15 hours a day! I think my body is just working so hard to fight my infection in my chest, that it's knackering out the rest of me. Over the last couple of days I've started to nap less though, so hopefully things are going in the right direction.

Had a couple of bloodtests to check my 'levels', which means that they are making sure the meds that I am taking aren't affecting my liver too much. All's come back as good so far :)

Thinking about glamming up this lil blog a bit by doing a vlog. A 'vlog' is a video blog lol! Not made my mind up yet though as I'm sure I'll be cringing soooo much at watching a video of myself and putting it on the internet haha. So we'll see...

Also, tonight the car dealer in me sold my mama's old, bashed up nissan micra. It's been through the wars this poor little car and has all the war wounds to prove it, still runs fine though :) Anyway, I sold it in record time- within 40 mins of putting it up for sale on good old Gumtree, had someone come over, look at it and buy it cash in hand there and then! Think I've got a future career..!

That's all for now, dinner time :) loves xxx

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