Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Last night I was doing my night time dose of meropenum and mid-way through I started to get a sudden back and stomach ache. Then a few seconds later my airways started getting really tight and I was struggling to breathe. My body swelled started going really numb and apparently my face swelled. It lasted for about 5 mins. This has happened a few times to me before but I've always been at the hospital and there has been an oxygen supply and docs to help me. This time I was just with Al and his friend Charlie, at our flat, and they were panicking! The only way I could get air into my body was to cough. I had a dry cough so I knew it wasn't anything blocking my airways. I was also violently sick. Has this happened to anyone else before?! I don't know what causes it :S I had paramedics come and check me over- my breathing was back to normal when they arrived. I've also let the hosp know and I'm going up tomorrow to get seen. Hopefully they can come up with an explanation as to why it happened; my mum said it couldd be something called 'anaphylactic shock', so gonna look into what that is.

Anyone had this happen before and know what it is..?


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