Thursday, 8 November 2012

Al's new pet...

Been a while since I last blogged. A few things have happened since; I came off I.V's, after 3 weeks, on Monday and I'm feeling loads better! On Monday my weight had disappointingly dropped to 46.6 kg but my lung function was back up to FEV1 71% and FVC 95%. I weren't feeling too great still though because I'd had a cold for a few weeks; but docs suggested that going back onto Azli nebuliser for 3 months might help get me back to feeling great- and I feel like it's working :D Just need to put on the pounds again now, but I think it'll be easier now I'm well again and off the meropenum I.V's that made me feel so sick the whole time. I also promised I would try Calogen again. Calogen is a supplement that has loads of calories in. You take it like a shot so it's quick, which is good.

Other than health stuff, a few blogs ago I mentioned that Al was looking to buy a new pet; well after years of moaning on about one, he now has a young python! He's called Frankie and is 9 months old, nice and friendly and has kept Alex quiet! I may do a vlog introducing him sometime. I would put up a pic but Alex still hasn't uploaded his pics of Frankie yet- typical bloke.

Angel had been getting so stroppy lately and wasn't letting us go to near her cage or pick her up and she kept growling at us lol! Didn't even realise rabbits could growl until Angel came along :P Anyway, I looked it up and the internet said she was going through like a teenage phase and was being territorial. It also suggested I get her spayed. She has literally just come back from the vets and is still drowsey from the op, bless her. Hopefully this will calm her down and make her stop being such a stroppy hormonal teenager!


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