Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hosp appointment

Over the last week or so my health has gone downhill quite a bit. Coughing more, breathless, tired, aching joints, sickness etc, the usual symptoms. Had hospital appointment yesterday, my oxygen levels were quite low for me at 88-89% and my lung function FEV1 had gone down to 59%. Thankfully my weight has stayed the same, which means that I haven't left it too long to get meds. So I'm now on IV meds and doing them at home :) So out comes the Friends boxset and 2 weeks in bed for me.

Also, while at the hosp, I found out the reason everyone comments on my 'curled fingernails' lol! Apparently when you get a lot of infections, your brain sends out some chemical that makes your nail bed swell. This is called 'clubbing'. When you don't have an infection, the swelling goes down and if you have a transplant, the effect goes completely and you have normal nails again lol.

Other than health stuff, Angel's been as cheeky as ever, biting through my nebuliser wire lol; me and Al are looking for our next place and Al is looking to buy a new pet... all will be revealed if he gets it ;)

That's all for now, hopefully next time I blog I'll be feeling better xxx

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