Monday, 1 October 2012


In the last two weeks, been seeing friends and family a lot and working here and there. Can't believe I'm still not on IVs, such a great feeling, it's been like 2 months! Longest since I was about 16 or 17. At the moment, I can feel that my chest is getting worse but I'm determined not to go on IVs until after my friend Isis's birthday partaaay :P So for now, just doing my physio and meds religiously and napping through the day to keep as well as possible xxx


  1. Hi Jo, I was sorting out my stuff and found the card you wrote with the details of this blog. Well done on successfully completing your A-Levels. A real inspiration. Best of luck for future. Mr D

    1. Hey Drisc! Aw thank you very much, good luck to you too, you were definitely the h&s girls' favourite and funniest teacher! x