Saturday, 8 December 2012

bad week for breathing

This last week my health has gone downhill. I have been feeling so tired and coughing non-stop. My appetite has completely vanished and I'm only eating like one choc bar and one small meal a day. So I e-mailed the hosp and was seen yesterday; I had my bloods done and an x-ray, as well as the usual tests. My weight had dropped to 47.09 kg, not too bad thankfully as I let the hosp know as soon as I noticed such a decline in my appetite. My lung function was 57% and 91%- couldn't believe the 91 part! my oxygen levels were only 91% too. However, the CRP levels (the infection level in your blood) was only 57. A bad CRP level generally is anything about 70+ ish. I was really shocked with the results as I've been feeling so poorly. Barbara the doc decided it was best for me to go on IVs anyway, as she could see how much I was struggling. It was such a relief when she said IVs because I thought that she might tell me just to have oral meds, and I know by the way I'm feeling, that orals wouldn't do much.

Anyway, so now I'm on Meropenum IVs again and resting lots and lotssss! Fingers crossed I'll be better for Christmas :)

Other than health stuff, we've started to have people view our flat for next year, and Alex decided on 2nd Dec that it would be a good idea to pack up the house- even though we're not moving for another month! So we're now living out of boxes :/ Cheers Al. xxx

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