Saturday, 1 December 2012

Ups and downs of the week...

This week has had a lot of highs and lows. A high was seeing my friend Ashley and staying at her uni overnight. We always text and call each other and stuff, but hadn't actually seen her in months, so it was good to catch up :D

Then a low was that my health declined a lot this week. Coughing constantly and now need my wheelchair a lot if we're going out. Sadly my appetite is going too, but trying to force myself to eat as much as I can to keep my weight stable, at least. I have a docs appointment in 17 days so hopefully I can keep rested and as well as possible until then, then maybe get some oral meds from them for over xmas.

A high point was getting our new place! We'd seen a few that were so small and un-homely. Then we came to "the one"! It's being refurbished at the moment and when we were there, the builders were finishing putting up lovely wallpaper in the bedroom and were about to start putting up the brand new fitted wardrobe. The place is bigger than ours at the moment and there are cute little features, like the fireplace and the lights- we have a chandelier! :P Can't wait until we move in.

Then as always, when money's tight, Steve our car broke down. Thankfully it was right outside Al's mum's place, but it has added to the stresses of life at the moment :/ Should be getting it fixed today- fingers crossed.

The final high is that today we can start ADVENT CALENDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! :D eeeekkkk not long till christmas!!!


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